Geetgatachal is a distribution and marketing platform with a unique and original library of music, singers, and lyrics that works with various industries and provides them with a full copyright of the composition. not only makes the content available for purchase, but also promotes the artist by giving his work an exposure to various industries. We are proud of the quality and diversity of our music/lyric library which is composed, performed and recorded by artists from all over India.
Our clients are:
 General companies – For some unique music for their website.
 Advertising companies – For catchy music for their commercials or other products and services.
 Managers/Agents – For new compositions
 Producers – For TV Commercial or Movies
 Composers – Looking to collaborate with Lyricists and Singers
 Lyricists – Looking to collaborate with Composers
At you will be able to find everything from a band chart hit to a full orchestral composition, from a catchy rap to a highly poetic verse. Or you might want something written exclusively for you, or would like to propose a collaboration project with one of our artists. If so, welcome to!

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